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Eep! Really falling behind with this whole 'daily write up' thing!

On Sunday, Kiang and Miao picked me up and took me out to Koh Sirae, to the other Urak Lawoi' (Sea People) village. After a second breakfast of yellow noodles (most of which I handed on to Kiang), we joined the church with the best view, right out over the sea. (Though the sea at Koh Sirae is nothing much to write home about.) Singing was fast, and enthusiastic, although most of the enthusiasm came from the line of gentlemen playing, variously, medium-sized cymbals, tiny cymbals, two maracas, a tambourine, and two sets of bongo drums, accompanied by one girl on the electric guitar.

After the service, and a brief chat with Etim and Dumin, we headed back to the hotel to pick Zcc up, and try to take Miao and Kiang for lunch. Ended up at KFC, but it turns out they go there often. Never mind, this time we paid for the food. Then back to the hotel for a nap. Later, we were taken out to dinner by some Thai friends, Goh and her friend Guun, and her 4-year-old daughter. The daughter was very quiet and shy at first, but soon took to talking ninteen-to-the-dozen, and proving that kids are the same the world over.

On Monday, we were again picked up by our friends, Kiang and Miao, this time including Me'ning, and headed to Phuket Zoo. We drove through a brief shower, little realising it was the herald of the monsoon, paid for entry, and arrived just in time to see the first elephant show of the day. Lots of fun, and elephants should be entered into rhythmic gymnastics at the Olympics:

Elephant #2 had a mind of her own when it came to dancing

Then, Zcc had his photo taken with a tiger, and got me to ask about ear-rubs. Apparently, tigers like ear-rubs, too, and it makes them sleepy!

Tiger sorry she wasn't allowed to eat Zcc

Various other animals were seen, including LOTS of cranes and crocodiles (in separate enclosures), chickens, camels, various birds, and some fish - though going through the aquarium section with Me'ning was something like a walk-through menu!

Tuesday was the great elephant hunt - I was sure I'd seen some larger Thai-silk elephants, which I thought would make a nice birthday present, so we wandered around Expo, but only found small ones, or badly-shaped ones. I did, however, see the cutest water-buffalo ever. Then we headed to Patong, for the final instalment of my teeth. A few adjustments later, and I now have a fine set of gnashers, including two bridges. Also, we may have found the origin of my 'larger elephant' theory, which we had begun to think was a myth. However, after getting the teeth done, when we had planned to head back to the shops for another look, the monsoon arrived with a vengeance. The heavens opened, and while we ran for the bus, we were drenched through. Amazing rain, big black clouds, and lots of cooling winds. We had a really slow journey home, as the whole road was filled with cars, motorbikes and tuktuks.

On Wednesday, we were meant to go up to the other end of the island, to catch up with E'kaa. However, early in the morning, I got a call from Miao saying that, as it was raining, we wouldn't be going, as the roads would be too bad. Fair enough, but it doesn't look like the rain's going to stop any time soon! So we hung around the hotel, and then headed in to Central Festival, the big mall in the middle of the island, for lunch. After a nice Japanese meal, and carefully not buying anything, it was back home to the hotel.

Plenty of reading is getting done - I finished all the novels I bought with me, have used up the three English books which the hotel had (the rest are in German, French, and various Northern languages), and now am left with Peter Ackroyd's The History of England: Volume 1, Foundation, Bede's History of the English Church and People, and Hugh Thomas' The English and the Normans. Of these, Ackroyd is not winning. Seriously, if you want a good grasp of the early history of England, 1066 and All That is FAR more accurate, and less rage-inducing. Ackroyd is the Dan Brown of history - making sweeping statements, incredibly random arrangement of topics, and he has no sense of time. He really wants there to be a continuation of everything from the beginning of time on the island to now. And he treats the Church like dirt, which, when you're writing a history of England, is not a good plan.

Today we were meant to be going on an elephant ride. The rain, however, started coming down at breakfast, and since then, the hill outside our window keeps fading out. Just when you think it can't get heavier, it does! Later, I'm heading back to the dentist for a final bite-check, and then we're going out to dinner with some of the Thai folk.
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