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Today's entry will be focused on various forms of transport. Here's one that I drove myself!

Okay, I had no control, whatsoever. But it was fun! Yes, we managed fit an elephant ride in between showers, but the track was very slippery, and the elephant took her own sweet time over each step, so that our '20 minute' ride lasted a good while longer. I started the ride on the bench seat, but half way through, the guide slid off, and told me to sit on her head instead. Not as comfortable as a horse, but she's huge! I'm not that great with being that far off the ground, but it was better there than up on the benchseat...

On Thursday evening we managed to catch up with one of the Thai couples I've been meaning to see. They took us to a seafood restaurant, and we had a very nice crab curry, and fried squid, and fish soup and... I'm not a great fan of seafood, but when it's this fresh, it's a whole different matter. Oh wait, I may have said that before.

On Friday, the rain continued to come down, but we made our way, via song-teaw (or local bus) out to the Heroines' circle, to go and look at the museum. Song-teaws are converted utes or trucks with two bench-seats down the length of the tray, and usually driven by little old fellows who you wonder could last the trip.

They are, however, MUCH cheaper than tuk-tuks, and our hour-long trip out there (thanks to the rain and heavy traffic) still cost less than a ten-minute buzz through town in one of these:

We didn't do anything greatly exciting today, other than catch up with some more Thai friends. And watch the rain, and listen to the frogs... Not much time left! Did I mention that the first thing I ate with my new teeth was mango and sticky rice? Food of the gods!


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