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(Yup, this is a complaining post. On the good side, I LOVE wood-fires.)

On Tuesday afternoon, I started developing a head cold. You know, that horrid feeling that, as your nose starts to drip, this is only the beginning. Fortunately for me, the 120 kph winds and hail had died down before starting my 50k drive back to the city. However, just about 5k from the end of the motorway, I heard this horrid noise which I knew meant I had lost a tire. By this time, it was dark and wet. I managed to get the car to the end of the motorway, pulled into a space where I wasn't blocking traffic, and called the AA (before my phone battery died). We eventually got home about 7:30, on the little space-saver tire, and thought 'stuff this, we're watching Game of Thrones'. (We're now about half-way through season 2 - don't tell me what happens!)

So, just before 9:00pm, when a dark ghost thingy had just killed one of the too-many kings, the power went out. Not too much of a biggy, except that, because we'd gotten home so late, we hadn't bothered with lighting a fire, and had just turned on a couple of heaters, which hadn't done much yet. We went to bed with ALL the blankets and duvets, and froze through the coldest night of the year, and so Zcc came down with the same head-cold as I had. And the power stayed off. We got the fire going the next morning, but the power stayed off. An enforced day of sitting and reading wasn't too bad (though we went out and got 4 new tires for MZKRLT, as the front 2 were also really worn). And the power stayed off. Various updates on the unhelpful phone-line said that it would be back on at 8am, and 12:30, and 2:30, and 5:30, but they also always said they didn't know the problem. After soup (thank goodness for gas-stoves) and a game of cribbage by candle-light, we went to bed about 7:00, because it was dark and the power was off. And it stayed off until just before 5am this morning. But when I search for information (now that I have the internet back) there is nothing about the fact that a quarter of BigCity was without power for 30 hours at the coldest point (thus far) in the year. What happens to all those who don't have wood-fires and gas-stoves?

And so now, Zcatcurious and I are shuffling about, sneezing and coughing, and wondering what to do about work tomorrow... I ain't driving out to Tinytown, but Zcc thinks he can teach for 3 hours. We'll see.

Yup, I love my cabin in the woods. If the world ends tomorrow, find me here. We'll have soup, and a fire. Bring your own cat, 'cos we're still lacking one of those.
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