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In Which [personal profile] zcat_abroad  Explains What Kind of Heretic She Is

1) I choose* to believe in God. In relation to that, I believe that the Bible contains important messages to us, and helps to point the way to God. I do not believe that every word in the Bible must be followed always. (See various verses about cutting off hands, stoning people, and owning slaves...)

2) I choose to believe that God created humans, and created them with the capacity to reason, think, and love. Xhe (gender neutral term, which is still awkward) expects us to use our brains, and to think things through. (See various people [Moses, Jonah] arguing with God, and not getting struck dead.)

3) I choose to believe that Jesus was the Son of God, and lived out his life as an example of how we can love our neighbours.

4) As such, I believe that we have four (4) gospels, not all agreeing with each other on every particular, but together outlining the person of Jesus and his relationship with people.

5) Not once is Jesus recorded as saying anything about homosexuality, and its rightness or wrongness. He said love, accept, and forgive. He taught about being the best you can be, and didn't say anything about being better because you were a white male protestant, or anything like that. If four versions, collated from the memories of more than four people, didn't think that it was important to include his views on homosexuality, but did talk about him hanging out with tax-collectors and prostitues, I would suggest that it was not something that weighed heavily on his (Jesus) mind. On the other hand, social justice, looking after the poor and the oppressed, was something which Jesus considered important, one might even say vital.

6) I think that Paul has a lot of good things to say, including some very nice things about love. I don't think that Paul's writing is more important than Jesus' teaching (despite the literature which someone sent me after I appeared in Canvas last year - according to which, Paul's revelation was more important than those who had actually met Jesus while alive...) and so I choose to see Paul's problem with homosexuality as something which he personally was hung up about - related to his own culture, and education, and whatever else he had going on in his life.

7) I choose to believe in a God of Love, and I can't reconcile that with a God who is going to condemn people for whom they love. Especially as scientific and sociological research says that homosexuality (or any combination of human sexuality) is not a learnt behaviour so much as a inbuilt, genetic thing. (It is, after all, straight people who keep having gay babies!) I know that attempting to 'heal' people from their sexuality causes more harm than good.

9) I know that acceptance and equality is one way to help those who have been struggling with who they are, and who they love, and that it's not fair that people should be treated as less than equal because their personality does not fit certain parameters. Equal rights to marriage and family is the first step to making this world a bit less unfair, and giving bullies one less thing to play on.

10) I think there are lot more pressing issues which people, particularly churches, should be focused on, rather than who they will let into their club.  "Do justice, love  mercy and walk humbly with your God" (Micah 6:8)- nothing there about keeping people out 'cos they wear the wrong pants.

So there it is. I know this is nothing new, but the installation and maintenance of equal rights are ongoing events, and it will keep being discussed in various circles.  These are my views, I'm aware that you may not agree with them, but I just wanted to let you know where I stand.

*I wish I had chosen not to use the word "choose", as it's one I stumble over the spelling of, e.v.e.r.y. time.


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