May. 18th, 2013

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So, on Monday we took the Mighty Mighty Mynx(TM) to the vet, and she did not return. The lump that the vet felt in her abdomen turned out to be a tumour in her bowel, which had obstructed it, and caused a big hair ball to build up. There was rupture, and infection, and she had not been getting enough food for a while. It is probable that the problems we saw in her at the end of last year might have been related, but the vet said there was nothing else we could realistically have done - cutting her open because she was over-washing her ankles was not a sensible course of action.

This does not in any way make her passing easier, especially as it seemed so sudden. Last Friday she was looking very weak, we took her to the vet on Saturday and Sunday, and then on Monday, she was gone. I knew she'd been getting on - she was 13 after all, but we had hoped for at least another 5 years. Now the house is horribly empty, despite the fact she was just one of the three occupants, and we don't know quite what to do with ourselves.

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Rest in peace, precious kitty, and I hope Heaven was ready for you. Angels are not for eating.


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