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and instead I'm sitting at the computer, reading what other people are doing...

(I now have my sister's blog to read, which I can't apparently get RSSed to LJ. This is a bit annoying. But yay for my family starting to inhabit the Unreal World!)

I need to write about 30,000 words before Christmas, which is why I shouldn't be sitting here. However, I also need to:
- clean and organise the house, in preparation of having it looked after by someone else;
- organise and wash my winter wardrobe in preparation for being in a freezing place next month;
- find somewhere to stay in Cambridge, as the one place that replied wanted 60 pounds a night - which, if it had been the Old Rosemary Branch B&B I might have accepted!
- buy Christmas presents. My family are doing a secret Santa thing, which I organised, but then it turns out I left myself one of the hardest people to buy for. Also, there is zcatcurious's family to think about.

I recently bought me the stomping-y-est boots ever which I hope I'll be able to wear in the UK, as they are very cosy. However, it's hard to break them in, when the current temperature is making me not wear anything on my feet. They make me three inches taller, and I'm still shorter than zcc! Yay!

Saw "The Day After Tomorrow", again, on TV, again, the other night. This movie scares me more than many horror movies because, while I know that it is exagerated for the story-line, the problem is that no-one knows what will happen when too much ice melts. It doesn't help that I first saw it not long after seeing "An Inconvenient Truth". Makes me want to do more radical things to stop global warming - but not give up flying around the world.

With reference to that 'flying-round-the-world' thing - what are you doing in the last week of January? We have a week to kill between Cambridge and Edinburgh, and have three days of that taken up with Nottingham, Newstead Abbey and Whitby. The first four days are currently unaccounted for, though we would like to see a stone circle (possibly not Stonehenge). I would love to meet some of these LJ friends I read so much about!


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