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So, last night we gave into TV3s programming, and watched three one hour episodes of a CSI crossover. And it in NO way convinced me that any of the other CSIs were worth watching.

I cannot see any redeeming feature of CSI Miami. The colour, while perhaps representing the heat of Miami, is just annoying, the sequences while they play with their flash machines is pointless, and I do not like any of their characters. Introducing the weakest link from LA in the form of Ray Langston did not in any way improve the scene, and I just want to hit the Miami lead, Horatio Caine. There was a great section where Caine and Langston were standing real close, and talking seriously, that just begged to be re-dubbed into some bad slash - I leave that out there for those of my f-list who do that sort of thing.

I was less negative about CSI New York, but just didn't care enough to bother watching more. It is not bad, except that it is not the real CSI. Part of the problem which producers don't seem to realise is that it is not only the concept that people are interested in, it is also (in my case, mainly) the characters. By producing spin-offs, you are not really going to 'grow' the franchise (sorry, Zcc), unless you have the same bunch of characters, which you can't do.

And the thing that most annoyed me about the series of three eps was that Raymond Langston was meant to be tying them all together. I know Laurence Fishburne was brought in to replace William Peterson (biggest FAIL-placement in history!), but I don't know if you noticed, folks: Ray's just starting as a CSI. He should be junior to Greg Sanders, but he's taking on more roles than Catherine Willows. She totally deserves more of a role in this post-Grissom age. She's a senior CSI, and far more competent actor than the Fish. Also, Nicky deserves more screen time. Why don't they just ditch the Fish, and keep going.

So, three hours of back-to-back CSI last night, starting in Miami and ending in LA, left me just where I was before. Strong fan of CSI LA, hating Miami, not caring about New York, and looking forward to the return of NCIS next week, because NCIS Miami is no better spin-off than the CSI attempts.



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