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So, what's the next step? Here, I have three hanks of spun yarn - the first straight alpaca, and the other two alpaca and silk mixed.

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Mar. 17th, 2013 05:55 pm
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I'm not entirely sure I'm doing this right. My carding combs (another Trademe win) might be a bit old, but I think it's rather that I'm not holding my head at the right angle. However, I have managed to spin some of this silk and alpaca mix:

You can't really see the blue here, but it's showing up!

Perhaps it doesn't look like it does on YouTube because the alpaca is already carded? Some bits get well fluffed, and others get stuck in the tines of the combs. All the videos and books make it look so easy!

The boss is not impressed, and has taken over my seat, so I'd better get spinning.

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Following on from accidentally buying a spinning wheel, I have been experimenting with spinning, and gradually getting some confidence. When I mentioned it at the BigMuseum today, one of the curators said I should blog about the whole process. Well, I have a fair number of photos so far, and various posts on Facebook, so I should probably try to bring them together.

(Also, it might mean I have something to say here!).

So, step one: buy a spinning wheel.

Step two: sit watching it for a while, then start playing - spinning with no wool, then spinning with a long piece of yarn, to see how things feed on to the bobbins.

Step three: start spinning up the alpaca fibre you bought months before the spinning wheel.

Yup, that's right. Not only do I accidentally buy things, I buy other things in the wrong order. To be fair, I had been practising drop-spinning, on a spindle, with some lovely silk & merino sliver (at that point, salvia and juniper - I now have some damson to work with). That was lots of fun, especially when I took it to the council meeting. But I didn't want to mess up the alpaca, especially when I had some beautiful light and dark blue silk I wanted to add to it.

Alpaca - carded, from the fleece of Farmaglen Ice Maiden:

Things I plan to add to the alpaca:

My first bobbin of plied alpaca:

And the first hank of finished alpaca:

So, what's next? I plan on mixing the silks with alpaca, and plying them in gradually increasing colour strength. Then I have to make an item using the different gradients, showing my development as a spinner. Come and watch!


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