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My foot is fine now. My tooth, on the other hand...

At least, the tooth no longer hurts. It has been drawn. I am now 25% less wise than I was before. I had a good, gentle dentist, with a very helpful assistant, who told me each step of the proceedings, and so now I have a big hole at the back of my mouth.

I didn't realise I would have my tooth out on Tuesday, I just planned to go and see the dentist to discuss options. But I had clenched my jaw all night, so the whole side of my mouth was sore, and when the dentist said he had a free hour at the end of the day, I jumped at the chance to get one of those more pointless teeth taken out. My 3 other wisdom teeth have not yet broken the surface, so this was not doing my chewing any good, and had developed a cavity.

And for some reason, taking out a tooth leaves you un-inclined to do exercise. Extra movement makes the area throb, and after a bit of throbbing, there is pain. Hopefully this will all have gone by Christmas, as I am not eating very comfortably yet. I'm trying to avoid anything which might upset the wound, and so have not had a hot drink since Monday night. Wish I had known on Tuesday morning - I would have had a really nice cup of coffee before the nice dentist poked holes in me.

Tomorrow, I will walk up and down my drive 3 times - believe me, that will be something towards training for the Oxfam Trailwalker!


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