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See that innocent little cat in the icon? She is the bossiest cat in the entire universe. So yesterday, being Saturday, we were slow to get going in the morning. In fact, it may have been after mid-day when I was disturbed from my reading by a plaintive mew. Now, Mynx doesn't meow much during the day, she reserves that for night-time, to get her silly humans up because it's play time, or drink time, or someone needs to pat her while she eats... I have no need for children - I have a cat.

So I went looking for the source of the mew, and there she was sitting, much as she is in the picture, all bunched up in the doorway to the bedroom, with a considerable amount of grump in her ears. She sat there and scowled at me, until I called [livejournal.com profile] zcatcurious and said "I think she wants her dressing gown".

Sure enough, when he took of his dressing gown, placed it at the end of the bed, and arranged it properly, she poked her head up one side of the bed, saw all was ready for her ladyship, trotted under the bed, jumped up, and settled herself down, with loud purrs for her good, obedient humans.

Nice to know we get things right sometimes.

In other news, UK trip )

The university term has finished, my students have their exam in two weeks time, and then I have no teaching planned for the next 12 months. Finish that Thesis )

It's turned dark and windy outside, and Mynx is going psycho, dashing across the clearing, two meters up a kauri tree, then dropping back to earth and repeating the same in another direction. Winter is truly upon us, most of the trees have lost their leaves, and my new winter coat, which I'll post photos of soon, is proving to be perfect.

Oh, and the perfect drink to accompany winter? Starbucks Tazo Chai teabags. The best chai I've tasted outside of India, with plenty of ginger, and real black tea! (The number of 'chai' teabags for sale which contain no actual tea continues to amaze me. What does the word mean, folks?) Have it good and strong, with plenty of milk, and it really warms you up from the inside.


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