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Hmm, not doing so well at this 'posting every day' thing, but sometimes not much happens.  Tuesday, we took a day off doing anything, so there was just the walk to the big department store and back, fried rice in a local restaurant (though we're gradually finding the right ones - where a plate costs about 50B, rather than 150B!), and a lot of sleeping.  On Wednesday, we went back to the den of iniquity that is Patong, where I had a root canal at 11:30, and the first stage of crowns on my upper molars at 3.  There was a lot of time to waste in Patong between these two appointments, but not much that we wanted to do - especially not in the heat of the day,  We explored the great new shopping center, Jungceylon Shopping Mall, and had McDonalds, as stomachs have not been reacting too well to the food here.  Then, sporting my brand-new temporary gnashers, we managed to catch the last bus back into town.

(As a side-note to jealous siblings, these temporary crowns mean that I can't have anything too hard, or too sticky, until next Tuesday. And yes, that wipes out kaneow mamuang [mango and sticky rice], and anything much more exciting than fried rice. In fact, I'm currently seeing how many different versions of fried rice there are!)

On Thursday, we had (or at least, I had) this grand plan of moving out to a beach, so as to enjoy some actual 'island time' and celebrate our birthdays in style. However, as usual, you get what you pay for. The place I had chosen had gorgeous views down Karon Beach, but was a long way from any public transport, so that any of our other touring would involve a long trek across hot, bright sand. (And the place was not terribly clean, and rather noisy.) So we enjoyed the view for one day, and didn't get much sleep that night, and packed up and moved back into town for our birthday.

Mr Growly and Tane enjoy the view, briefly
Our new hotel is much cleaner, quieter, and a little more expensive, but it will be so much cheaper getting around - from here to the village, and from here to Patong. Also, it has a pool, which we have made good use of.

Having settled in, we went to find lunch, and then got a local bus out to Ao Makham, to go to the Aquarium. The road out that way has not changed as much as other roads, and it was easy to see where the last house we lived in was, and the rubber plantations are still there on either side. The aquarium hasn't changed much. I'm sure the HUGE groupers are the same ones which were there the last time I was - they must easily weigh as much as me! One day, when we're rich (a phrase we use all the time, because it's not going to happen!) we'll have a large tropical aquarium in the house. Presumably not our current house. Then we sat in the breeze, waiting for the bus back into town, and Zcatcurious promised to bring me back out there for food when my teeth are fixed.

A quiet moment at Ao Makham

Then back to the hotel for a much needed shower, and a swim, and we're off to the islands tomorrow!
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