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'Twas a good birthday, lasting 4 days! Dinner with the in-laws on Thursday, actual birthday on Friday - with traditional beach-trip in rain and wind, followed by pizza. Friends were celebrated with on Saturday, both at home and at La Porchetta. Finally, we had lunch with my family at Bolliwood, then brought parents and grandparents back to our neck of the woods, and had cake. There's still cake left over - Christmas cake - so if anyone wants to come and visit...

We also have a new (very second-hand) sofa set, which is really comfortable, and sits 6 people. Another reason to come and visit. And a fire.

In other news, I have finished reading the Book'o'Doom, which now goes by its acronym - SoD. (Note to self: be very careful when titling books, so that, if the initials spells a word, it is a word you want associated with your book.) I have a meeting scheduled with my supervisor for Saturday, and would like to know what to think by then. Sometimes I think there is some room for my project, but mostly I think I will have to shift. There is a topic I would dearly love to do, but am afraid someone may already be working on - argh!

And now I am occupying my time writing lectures. It's fun, but trying to get about 5,000 words is not easy. After the first introductory one, I'm planning on involving students during the lectures, and so won't have to write out a whole hour's worth, but I still want to have a good idea of what to say. It's like lesson-planning all over again, but for only 1 hour! I also need to find out if the LawSmall lecture theatre has an e-lecturn so I can use the piles of Powerpoint things I was planning!

I am also attempting to get used to waking up in the mornings again. This last semester I was getting up between 10 and 11, but in semester 2 my lecture is at 10, which will require me being awake by then! The alarm has been set all week at 8:30, and next week will be wound back another half-hour.


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