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Here is the corset I've been working on for about a year. The actual time taken was not long, just getting the courage to do each next step. And not having to be doing study at the time.

(Why weren't you at the Wolverines, [livejournal.com profile] alasatyr? Then you would have seen it in the flesh, so to speak...)
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However, all I can think of is that I finished making my corset on Sunday, and now it is sitting on the dress-maker's dummy (affectionately known as Audrey), on top of my green Medieval dress (from which I have torn the sleees, so I can wear it), and looking decidedly good.

(It's got to be good if I keep wanting to slip my arm round her waist, right?)

Unfortunately, it looks better on Audrey than it does on me, owing to the fact that the boning is simply Rigline,or however you spell it. Fine, until you breathe, or move. Then it simply bends. But the shape is great.

So, I'll go and try and find some of those suggested alternatives in a hardware store, and possibly re-bone it, 'coz it looks good. Or possibly just make another. Anyone in NZ got suggestions for boning available in Mitre10?
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The first really cold night of autumn - by my reckoning. (You can disagree with me). And in response, it is raining leaves this morning. Symonds St is covered in brown, crispy drifts, which certain people (trying to look small) splash through, spraying leaves up on all sides.

Seasons of mist, and other warblings )

So I'd better stop there, and do some.


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