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Eep! Really falling behind with this whole 'daily write up' thing!
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Here's the latest up-date from Dave. It's mostly about tourism stuff this time, and how you can help by having a holiday. Also, if you want to see photos of the aftermath - send me a note and I'll share my album with you. If you don't know my email, talk to someone who does, as I'm not likely to just publish it here!

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Again, long, but interesting.
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From my brother, in Phuket, a view of what it's really like on the ground:

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More about the tsunami and my friends. This from a Yahoo!chat with my Dad.

Characters in the play
- Etim paraplegic man from Koh Sirae (the village hardest hit).
- Jundee his wife.
- Dumin another paraplegic man from KS (fishermen, got diver's bends).
- AhLin Christian leader from Rawai (the village that escaped).
- Miaow his daughter
- computer what are fishermen doing with a computer? working on Bible translation.

Dad : I've jut been talking to Jundee - Etim was out at the sea front talking to some people. I asked her how they escaped - he went in his tricycle, being pushed by a friend!! Dumin had someone take him in a pickup. Seems the computer and everything is ruined, along with the front half of their house.

me: They must have had some sort of warning?

Dad : AhLin was at K.S. for Sunday meeting and Miaow rang him on his cell phone when the wave hit Rawai. He alerted K.S. and that's how they were saved.

me: WoW! That gives me shivers!

Now, I know that someone else probably would have rang Koh Sirae from Rawai - the two villages have a lot of families in common, being the only two tribal (Urak Lawoi - People of the Sea) villages on the island. But Dumin's house, where the Sunday meetings are had, is right in the center of the village.

God's watching over these people. Which then seems awfully cold, saying that God wasn't watching over others. I don't know, and I know that there are many who might read this who think I'm seeing things that aren't there. I just know that Dumin and Etim have beaten death so many times, and though they can no longer work, they are well respected in the village. AhLin is close to being the leader of the village at Rawai, as well as the leader of the church there.

So I'm taking this opportunity to thank God, publicly.

And more thanks for keeping Mening's house safe. That's my home, the only one that has not moved over my 25++ years. (Okay, it's 27, I think).
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The first I heard of the tsunami was in an email from Dad - we don't watch the news much here, and I haven't had the time to get near a computer to read any news.  I shouldn't be here now, but I can't remember what I should be doing. 

I feel so helpless here, there is nothing I can do to help my friends in Phuket.  So I take up my computer (as opposed to 'pen')to record my frustration.  Phuket was hit hard, and is getting a lot of coverage, because many rich people were holidaying there.  I feel sorry for them, and for their families back home trying to find out what's happened to them.

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I just wish there was something I could do.  Dad's talking about maybe going there, if he can be of use.  I want to go there, too, but I don't know how much use I could be, other than translating.

And that's actually a bit of a problem too.  translation )

If you pray, pray for all the ordinary people out there, all around the Indian Ocean, as they try to pick up their lives.


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